Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take insurance?

For many reasons, I do not accept insurance. You may see me listed on an insurance panel's website because of other work that I do, but visits to my private practice are not covered by insurance. Don't be discouraged--with my sliding scale options, sessions are often the same or even at times less than they might be if you used your insurance, especially if you have a high deductible and high specialist copays. You can try filing for reimbursement for me as an out-of-network provider with your insurance company if they offer coverage for that, and I can provide you the paperwork.

Also, if you use your insurance, you will have to be given a diagnosis and it will become part of your record with the insurance companies, along with other personal information. Insurance companies dictate how many sessions you are allowed and how often you can go to therapy, and at times they will refuse to cover therapy sessions at all. By not accepting insurance, I can keep your information more private and spend more time focusing on you rather than on phone calls and paperwork, allowing me to offer lower rates to all my clients.

  • What about Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA)?

I happily accept FSA and HSA cards or can provide you the itemized receipts for you to file for reimbursement.

  • How long do i need to be in therapy?

This varies for everyone and depends on the intensity and complexity of what you are working with. When we meet, we'll talk about your goals and the best ways to work towards them. My aim is to help my clients reach the point where they no longer need therapy as often or at all because they have gained the tools they need.